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Adequate emphasis is laid on the development of language ability in Hindi, English and Sanskrit. English and Hindi is taught from the Nursery and K.G. Classes whereas Sanskrit from Class V. THe academic subjects offered by thr school include sciences, arts, computer and home science. The school provides full oppertunities for curricular programme and various activitites such as music, dance, drama public speaking, elocution and creative writing etc. Emphasis is also laid on developing the physical faculties through Games and Sports. For richer and fuller development of personality, social and national awareness the school curriculum encisages a programme of Socially Useful Productive Work, social welfate work and civil duties. New innovations, preparation and use of audio visual aids in teaching learning process is also encouraged. 

Aims and Objectives

  1. To help develop healthy minds and bodies in the students.
  2. To build high character based on sound appreciation of beauty and truth.
  3. To develop the creatuve and artistic facilities.
  4. To enable the student to discover their special talents and to develop these talents and potentialities to the optimum.
  5. To infuse spirit of sportsmanship by preparing them to put in their best efforts for attainment of their gol, and cheerfully appreciate to attainments of other.

Our Student is to be

  1. Partiotic
  2. Spiritually Oriented
  3. Morally Upright
  4. Achievement Oriented
  5. Intellectually Alert
  6. Sensitive to the needs of others
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